Shipping Begins May 1





Our winter was harsh, shipping will start in May

So Succulent Gardens 
Address: 34515 Capel Road
Columbia Station, Ohio 44028 (NOT OPEN FOR RETAIL SALES, See Below)
Please call between 10-5 Eastern Standard Time.
This rings inside private home.
Phone:1 (440) 748-3303
NO PHONE ORDERS, This it to prevent mistakes.)
Email:  sosucculent(@) 

Private Policy
We will not sell, rent, or exchange your telephone number, postal or e-mail addresses.

Shipping Charges:
Base Price is $5.90 plus 15 percent

We use United States Priority Postal Service for plants and all items produced here at the farm.  Plants are shipped only on Monday's and Tuesday's, this is to prevent them sitting in a hot warehouse or truck over the weekend. 

Do you allow returns?
Please respond within 48 hours of receiving order in case of problems by PHONE ONLY ~ or email me with the problem I will call you.  sosucculent(@)  Plants must be open upon delivery! You have SEVEN DAYS to return items.
You will need to contact us before you return items by phone. 
We do not return shipping charges.

How long have you been in business?

Our family has been in the green industry for over 100 years. For myself about 25 years in the landscape industry (even longer, see about us). The herb farm about 20.

Do you require prepayment?

Yes, before we ship.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Checks, money orders, VISA, MasterCard, Discover American Express and Paypal.

How do you grow your plants?               
We grow our plants from seeds, cuttings and divisions in an un-heated poly-house.  We start them particularly in summer and are over winter in northern Ohio's zone 5. I never force my plants to grow un-naturally. So you southern gardeners will have to have a little patients when you order from the So Succulent Gardens.  By doing this we feel our consumers receive a hardy rugged plant ready to take on the hard cruel world. 

Do you allow pick-up?   

Yes, simply order online and pay for your order, we will contact you when your order is available for pick-up.  We will deduct the shipping charges from your order.                       


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34515 Capel Rd
Columbia Station 44028